SEO in Digital Marketing

What is SEO?

One way of digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which focuses on non-paid visibility growth in search engine results. It incorporates the required creative and technical elements to increase the search engine ranking, awareness and drive traffic. The detail of your website has such as words, and site links have something to do with SEO. It is also about the way you make sure that your website is set up in line with how search engines work. However, SEO is also about making a better site for people and not just about making it search-engine friendly website.

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Google, Yahoo, and Bing and other search engines show ranked search results according to how relevant the website, media or listings are. The purpose of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website, and it is best to have your site on the first page to be able to get more site visitors and that how SEO comes in.

Is SEO Better Than Social Media?

Social media may drive visitors to your website, but major search engines are still the primary way to get traffic to sites because they are open to any internet users even if they have a social media account or they don’t. Also, search engines are easy to navigate, and they generate visits regardless of your site’s content.

Does SEO Work?

As you search online, SEO does not only help site developers or moderators, it also helps you get the right websites that you need. On the end of a business owner with a website, SEO can be sustainable and profitable if executed correctly. It can be complicated since it involves a lot of technical optimization, development of contents, evaluation and improvement of user’s experience and optimization of internal links. There are also different ways on how to make the SEO effective and efficient. It is possible for one to learn how to do it on his own given that there are now lots of free information available but it will surely take time and practice for it to be successful.  The optimization needs further knowledge about the internet, programming and generating websites. The process may seem to be difficult, but you should not worry because there are lots of companies that provide SEO services.

Google Map and SEO


SEO also involves visibility in Google Maps. Google Maps SEO services will help you maximize your website’s search exposure.

Optimization of Google Maps is a great SEO marketing because it will help your business to level up your marketing strategy against your local competitors. Every time you use a search engine, Google, for example, you often see a map shown based on the listing’s location matched with the keyword search. Like, say you are looking for something or someone to hire from a specific area you can just type in the place including the keywords of what you’re looking for. Just an example would be is if you are looking for cheap local SEO expert in St. Augustine FL, you can just search for St. Augustine SEO expert.

Online Reviews

Aside from the points mentioned above, another way of growing online traffic is through positive reviews either from customers in review sites or blogs. Studies say that people will always choose to trust local companies with an at least four-star rating from review sites such as Google and Yelp. However, Google maps also display reviews of customers together with the location which is more effective, and people use Google search more than any other search engines and sites since they would not have to click on other sites just to see the results, making it convenient for them to find what they want to see. That is the reason why optimizing location through Google Maps would be helpful.

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