The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is about acquiring customers for your business and building relationships. It’s also about how your business is perceived. Get to know your clients and competitors and make a plan for your marketing. Much can you do with relatively small resources and your work?

For you as an entrepreneur, marketing is important. It’s something you have to work actively with all the time, both from the start and when the company has begun. You need to find different ways to tell customers that you exist so that they can choose your particular product or service.

Make a marketing plan

The market plan describes the company’s marketing, sales goals and what marketing efforts the company plans to implement to achieve these aims.

Your thoughts do not need to take the form of a written document if you do not want it, but it’s primarily about thinking about who is your customer, what you can offer and how to reach the target audience.

A seven-step marketing plan

  • What is it you want to sell and who do you think are interested in buying? What are your potential customers in common? How do you want your business to be perceived?
  • Do a comprehensive analysis. Learn more about the industry and how the market for your products looks.
  • Define your audience. Be as concrete as possible!
  • What do you offer? What do you want customers to associate with you? How do you distinguish yourself from others?
  • Formulate your goals. What do you want to achieve in the long run and what do you want to reach next month? Be concrete; the goals must be measurable.
  • Design strategies. Once you have decided what profile your business is and what your customers are, you can plan specific marketing activities.
  • Follow up and adjust. Follow up your marketing activities to see what brings the best results. That way you can learn and get better all the time.

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